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Om nom nom nom Malmö

Leonie crossed the bridge yesterday to help me out with a big piece of cheescake. Later on in the evening, the girls came to hug and say goodbye at the really nice Chilout Sushi Lounge where Jesaja was playing funk beats and the baked sushi rolls were really, really, really good.

Today has been a lovely day in the sun. With more of that mind blowing cheescake from Pronto Coffeehouse. My last weekend in Malmö, I can’t believe it.

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  1. If Justice Ginsburg is absent for awhile would this change the number of votes needed to pass a conference hearing to a verbal hearing? Does anyone know if her absence changes the rules or does the vote remain 4 of 8-9 then? And could her absence persuade another Justice to change a vote because she is not there to shoot down the idea. I know nothing about how the closed door process works but looks like maybe an opportunity while the serious left liberal Justice is out could spring forward a hearing waiting for votes.

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