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Forever Sunrise – Mozambique 2012

My time in Mozambique was packed with positive energy, dancing and laughter that wouldn’t stop before the morning had come. The rising sun was an ever-present dancing companion and my Mozambican friends were truly happy, full of life and beautiful. Sunrise is what forever will remind me of this magnificent country and its people. Thank you, all. Lengoma!


  1. det är så underbart och se dina bilder, video och hela bloggen, :) vill också göra samma resor som du gör :)

  2. Wow…speechless!!!
    Thanks everybody for being part of these moments…YESSSS we are happy…LENGOMAAAAA

  3. YES!!! thanks for the video!
    i’m honored to have been part of your sunrise Moz experience and cant wait ’till you join us for another “dance ’till the sun comes up” day! :)

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