Moonlight & Bach

As I am spending another still Sunday in this cold and melancholic country, I give you Debussy’s masterpiece Clair de Lune as interpreted by very talented Angela Hewitt. Drag it up to 1080HD quality, wait.. and indulge in the details and tones as they completely fill your mind, if you let them do so.

I always end up with Debussy or Satie when starting to youtube piano videos. This time, I was inspired as a friend posted the following video to Facebook, it’s an interesting walkthrough of Bach’s Goldberg Variations by Jeremy Denk. Go to 02:15 if you don’t understand anything of what he’s saying or if you are very impatient and just want the music. I’m pretty happy and proud to be sharing last name’s with this genius.

I wish I was alone at home right now so I could go sit by my piano and see if I remember anything.. it’s been very long since I played.

Anyway, Elma sweetie, this post is for you! :)

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