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So it seems like that when I get a lot of bites, may it be mosquitos, bed bugs, flies or any other evil blood sucking creature, I get sick. It happened when I came back from my trip to Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia, and it is happening now.

I get a fever, then a headache, then my temperature goes below normal and I feel very weak. Headache is always there, so is a general muscle pain. And it goes around like that for two-three days. Hot, cold, weak.

I did a malaria test last time I felt like this but all they found in my blood were high levels of histamines and signs of an ongoing battle. Allergic reaction gone aggressive. Damn bugs.

I will give this another day, then I’ll do a malaria test. Did you know that there are these really nice self-testing malaria kits? They look just like pregnancy test sticks, but you put a drop of blood into them instead. I buy them in South Africa and I would recommend anybody visiting a malaria prone area to do the same, and to bring a couple back home – any really bad flu up to 6 months later can be malaria.

Good morning!

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