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The Calm before the Cold


Delivered my work on deadline. Packed my bags. Ticked everything off of my to do list. Called friends. Had lunch. Painted my nails. And now? Now there’s nothing left but the sun and an embracing calm.

I’m in limbo and I can’t really do anything, you know this feeling, right? When you just have to empty your mind and wait. God, I can’t wait for the busride!
Might change my mind later as the 10h bus will drop me off at the following scenario: 4.30am in the morning. Dark. Minus degrees. Packed with thieves… and I’m all alone. Eish!

Bringing my sleeping bag for the bus. I can handle many harsh conditions. I can sleep on the ground, go days without really eating, walk around with 30kg on my back.. But what I really can’t handle, at all, is cold. God, I hate cold, it’s impossible for me to function normally, sleep or do anything when I’m really cold. Johannesburg bus station at 4am will thus be a challenge, and I don’t even have a proper jacket.

But right now, at this moment, I’m still in the sun – 30 degrees here today. Thank you for warming me, Maputo, I like you too.

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  1. I hate the cold also and my team site is on 1730 m. Everybody thinks that I’m in a sunny and warm place, like 40 degrees. But no, it is like a better Swedish summer. 12-14 Celsius in the morning and during the day 26 C…..ok, ok, no minus but still, a little bit chilly during the night :-)

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