Africa 2012

Hello Moto


Traditional healers are still a big deal here in Mozambique. They offer to help out with anything from stomach ache to heart problems, and promise to ensure a salary increase, new cars, love, and luck. Just like Doctor Moto above.

A taxi driver once told me that the “real” healers go through some kind of three year advanced training where they learn traditional medicine and other tricks, and one of their main rules is that they are forbidden to advertise their services. That people instead know them through the community and they are very popular and important.

So ‘everybody’ around uses the healers. The ‘real’ one’s, the commercial one’s, the very expensive and famous one’s. And I’m starting to get very curious about what Doctor Moto would tell me if I asked him to hook me up with a higher salary and somebody to love. What do you think? Maybe I should call him, maybe at least to say “Hello Moto.”

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