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Call me maybe – I missed you so, so bad!

I’m listening to the radio while driving around Malmö, catching up with what’s being played over here.

A song that apparently has been around for a while but that I completely had missed is Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call me Maybe, a horrible but extremely catchy song that I’ve heard a million times these few days. And just as I was about to get annoyed over how they won’t play anything else, I found out that the hilarious Youtube comedian Steve Kardynal has made a video for it.

Cheesy song, chat roulette, Youtube, and laughing people. I now imagine this video every time I hear the song, so it just makes me happy.

& here’s the original video for the song. It’s so bad. So, so bad!

I bet that you learnt the lyrics by now.

(Sorry, I’m not filing this under “music”. haha)


  1. yeah girl! Cookie monster from Sesame Street even updated his tweet to:

    “I just me you
    And this is crazy
    I love cookies,
    Gimme, maybe?”


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