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Out of reach


So it seems I will be staying in a place where I’m off the grid. That’s less nightly blogs for you and more sleep and isolation for me. Now we’re going to a place where we can find food so I might have network at some point to publish this. Here’s a photo of the big car with the antenna again, and a glimpse of the driver.

I’m in the midst of deciding whether to go to Europe for a week or not, it’s a very expensive and complicated trip but my contract with UNICEF got extended so if I don’t go now I won’t be able to go before sometime in December. What do you say?


  1. Even though I am not a consultant I would like to say with a high level of conviction that you should either go to Europe or not. One of those two choices is definitely the right one, and if you do one of them, you cannot do the other! ;)

  2. Sure, there are people who want to see and hear you telling stories about your recent travels (myself included), but I wonder if one week is enough. At least two weeks are needed, I suggest.

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