Africa 2012 Live from Android

F1- Racing for blood.


The horror of listening to a whole bunch of mosquitoes hovering around your net in a malaria prone area. They sound like very hungry and slightly deadly Formula 1 cars, and they are some sneaky bastards with the noted ability to squeeze into your safety zone. Is it on the inside or on the outside? Oh, and they can sit on the net so you don’t even want to have your big toe touching it. However, if you’re patient and skilled enough, that’s your chance to kill them. Heeere mozzie, mozzie, mozzie!

I’ve always been paranoid about mosquitoes since I was very allergic to their bites as a kid. One of my favourite childhood memories is when me and my mom, armed with indoor shoes, would go for a mosquito hunt in the middle of the night. We both have a very sharp sense of hearing and would never accept sleeping in the same room as a mosquito. Now I have to. And I’m sure you’ve noticed I’m not happy having to break this tradition.

Wow, they really do sound angry, and they all have different sounds, which makes it sound like a proper F1 race, I guess this is ze race for blooood.

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