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Daytrip to Catembe

Took the 0.10€, 20 minute boat to Catembe last weekend to take a look at what could be found on the other side of this thin stripe of sea. The crowded boatride and the place gave us a beautiful view of our dear Maputo, which has the skyline of a bustling and continuously growing city. There was not much else on site except something that looked like a cemetery for old boats, a vegetable market, and a lady selling the most beautiful capulana fabrics I’ve seen so far. I bought two. I also danced a little with a beautiful girl in the market, because as everywhere else – there’s always good music around here! And after crossing the water to get back to Maputo again, we went to the market next to the fortress where I bought my first capulana dress.

A daytrip to Catembe is simple and nice. Nothing extraordinary, but with friendly and welcoming people – as usual here in Mozambique. And that’s all I was looking for. That and photo opportunities.

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