Story of my life

If I’m not standing in an obviously posed position with a stupid smile, this is what photos of me look like. The very few there are, I mean. Because when you’re the photographer among people who couldn’t care less about photography, you either have to beg them to take a photo – resulting in the first option that ends up being too posed and useless anyway, or just use mirrors, which makes the photo kind of douchebaggy and egocentric. So then, when I’m somewhere and take my camera out, people are reminded that a photo could be nice, and this is what comes out of it. So when photos obviously play a very important role in helping me to remember beautiful moments, this is one of my little dilemmas – because I’m never in them. And if I am, there’s usually a camera in my face. Or maybe that’s just how very attached I am to it. Yeah, that’s probably it.

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