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Euphoria on Video

Here are some videos I took with my little Canon IXUS at the Bushfire festival in Swaziland last weekend. The quality isn’t the best, but the happiness is as real as happiness gets.

One of the first concerts we saw was this Napalma concert in House on Fire, we had seen Napalma at Azgo the weekend before and were very happy to jump to their drums again.

The Jeremy Loops concert was one of the greatest events at the festival. The South African genius samples himself and different instruments into an overwhelming mix of sounds and happiness. Do notice the mix of people and ages – this is Bushfire!

The second greatest concert at Bushfire was the Ayo concert, this wonderful woman with her mesmerizing voice and humble smile exclaimed: “You’re too far away – I have to come closer!” – and hopped down into the audience, making us all sing along to Bob Marley.

Then the audience forced her back up on stage and made her sing their favourite song “Down on my knees” before she left. Wonderful, wonderful!

Between the concerts, the main stage had dj’s playing everything from old school R&B, South African house, Dancehall, reggaeton, Electro.. and songs you thought you had completely forgotten how to dance to. We danced, met fun people, and watched people of all ages showing off their advanced moves.

And at the last party in House on Fire, the dj’s mixed quite bad mainstream house with great South African beats and Angolan music. In the end, nobody actually cared, as all that was left in us was euphoria and dancing.

In House of Fire I found a tall Swazi guy that was as keen on dancing as I was – so we danced, danced and danced to the African beats until the place was almost empty and the music stopped. It was as pure as dancing gets – and we synced it perfectly. The best part of it? When the music stopped – we hugged, laughed, said thank you, and went separate ways. No “give me your number”, “hold my hand”, “let’s go somewhere” or other silly expectations that would have ruined it all. The dance had been fully appreciated and respected for what it was and I was the happiest kid on the planet because of that. I don’t even know this guys name, and I never will. For me he will always be that guy that danced really well, and kept a respectful distance. Such a perfect way to end the festival!

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