Africa 2012 Live from Android

Cracked pavements and beaches.


Another nine hour crammed and freezing busride later, I am back to Maputo without really understanding why I’m here now. There is nothing of the things I need to do that couldn’t have been done while listening to the ocean.

My reasons for not spending another day on the lovely beaches in Tofo, instead of being in a city where I only can enjoy the sun through a window aren’t completely understandable, nor are they particularly pleasant.

I am currently in the state of creating feasible and exiting alternatives, and making choices. Comparing scenarios. Defining priorities.

This process takes time, patience, and hopefully a little bit of feedback from somebody who might understand and care enough to give relevant advice. And I’m not asking for romantic quotes from a Paulo Coelho book. Of course everything is going to be great, did I even question that? I mean, there are more beaches, right? And palm trees. And there’s always music. Please dance with me.


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