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Windhoek and tents.


Here’s to prove that I’m still alive. Haha.
I’m in Windhoek, Namibia. And it’s much more complicated to get around in this country than anywhere else I have been. Without your own car you’re pretty much stuck. So what happens in the backpackers is that people ask around for companions and people to share a car with but I only have four days so I can’t commit to s 10 days around Namibia drive. There are also organised trips from here, bur paying 300€ for two nights in the desert would kill my budget. I’ll se what I’ll do but it doesn’t look perfect, anyway, I’m not the only one here with the same issue so maybe there will be a joint way to figure it out.


The other thing I have started thinking about is a tent. I have never considered getting one before but it seems that travelling in Africa just gets tons easier once you have your own.. now, tents are not really my expertise, and looking at all these variations doesn’t make this easier. I understand that I would need a tent, a sleeping bag.. and a mat. And carry all of it around. Not awesome.

Also, I guess I would wait until I get to Joburg to do this kind of shopping, as it’s all cheaper there. Oh well, we’ll see.

Windhoek is nice by the way. A very easy to walk, pretty and well organised city.


And the Wifi is great and free in this place, which is why I am uploading all these updates. :)

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