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It didn’t take much for my over-optimistic brain to go into travel mode again. A couple of days off for Easter and “when will I be able to do this otherwise?” triggered my curiosity and eagerness to experience something new.

I wanted to go to northern Mozambique where beautiful beaches meet untouched villages where time stands still. So I checked airfares from Maputo to the north.. frowned.. started looking at the costs to go anywhere around Africa.. and let me just tell you how spoiled we are with our cheap European airlines. The prices here are insane and not in any way justifiable. 500€ for a one hour flight? I can’t do that.

So I started looking to the west instead, mostly out of curiosity. It was an area I had not really considered going when planning my Africa life. It is also an area where roads are good enough to actually take buses, and then I realized that buses aren’t as insanely overpriced as flights – and started tripping.

I printed a map and started looking at distances and prices. Drawing lines and taking notes. And then I found myself in that unpredictable mode I’ve gotten into so many times before.

A simple thought that sparks some research for information, turns into various options, into making things clash perfectly, counting days, places and hours of transit until it becomes a master plan. And then you suddenly sit there with three bus tickets and a flight ticket, not really sure about what just happened.

All I know is that I’m going on a little trip.
It starts with a 28hour busride to Harare.

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