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Harare to Vic Falls


Written at 8:20, on the bus to Vic Falls.

So I arrived to Harare yesterday and took a walk around the city centre. I got a great impression of the city. Safe, friendly and bustling with energy.

It was different from other places I’ve traveled in many ways. It was one if those places you instantly like without being sure about why. Harare was green and there was a calm in the chaos. Also, people who stopped me didn’t necessarily do so to sell something, they were genuinely friendly.
Even the classic taxi conversation ended different than normally:
“Where are you going my sister, you need a taxi?”
“No, thank you very much”
And instead of – “Miss, miss, miss, wait I can take you good price!!”
I got – “Ok no problem, have a good day!’

I walked to “Copacabana” where I took a kombi taxi, which is basically a bigger car that works as a bus and costs 5rand. I ran some errands and then went to Mount Pleasant where my friends live.

We had a nice talk, wine and food at their house, and I spent the night there.

This morning I went out and grabbed a minibus back downtown, had a walk around Harare and decided I would hop on the bus to Vic Falls. It basically means I will be spending another day in a bus, but I will get one day more in Victoria Falls and be close to the border to be able to cross it before my visa runs out. I would have loved to stay in Harare another day, it was a really great city.

The bus I’m taking now is with a company named Pathfinder. The office is situated on the crossing of Nelson Mandela Avenue and 5th Street and the bus to Bulawayo and Victoria Falls leaves every day at 7.30. I got to their office without a ticket and it was no problem, the ticket to Bulawayo is 30USD and all the way to Vic Falls is 55USD.

I got the front row seat again. Nice.

15:15 Bulawayo to Harare.

Had a short stop over in Bulawayo where I got to prevent a disaster by charging my iPod and getting cookies before the second long busride of the day.

I’m now sitting next to awesome Hudson who has an android phone and shares his network with me! So nice. Expecting to be in Vic Falls by evening, see you then!

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