Africa 2012

Sweaty & happy


Had a great first day at the office, sweaty but wonderful and I can’t wait to really get things rolling. I’ve been a bit angry at myself today for not speaking Portuguese, I understand a lot but I have to answer people in Spanish which feels rude.. on the other hand, I’ve been here for one day so I’m just being harsh on myself, haha – I still have time to learn and I will do my best, muito bom!
Here’s a picture to prove that I’m still alive and because I want to remember how pale I was in the beginning, haha. Remember when I wrote that very cheesy post that I called My extremes? – it’s one of the reasons I have this blog. Because it reminds me of what I wanted and wished for in the past, and the feeling of actually having made that happen makes me really happy. And also because I couldn’t print photos for my writings in normal diaries, or carry them around the world. And because some of my dear friends like reading my nonsense. :)

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