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In Joburg with Axel


Just arrived to Johannesburg and I am dropping my huge backpack at the place of a cousin of a dear friend from Barcelona. Meet Axel, their energetic puppy, we’re already buddies.

When I arrived at the Joburg airport earlier they were playing “Sunshine reggae” and when I came out to the arrivals hall, they were playing “Lady in red” while people stood with little plastic flowers and glittery hearts waiting for their loved ones. If the soundtracks of this place are going to continue being this hilarious I’m not even taking my ipod out.

Anyway – flight went good. Turkish Airlines are really great and they give cute little gifts on board. Even the food is nice.


Oh, and just now, when I was taking the Gautrain from the airport – a guard came up to me:
“Hello miss, how are you feeling today?”
“Well, fine thank you – how about you?”
“I’m very good thank you – Eating?”
*cookie in hand* “Um, yes, eating.”
“Eating, drinking and even chewing is strictly forbidden on the Gautrain miss.”
“Oh, oh – sorry!”

D’oh haha..

Okay – now a shower and then out walking this place. Ciao!

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