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The art of being sick.


My dear roomie came home yesterday evening and looked at me as I was laying across our couch, staring bluntly into the ceiling. “Poor sweetie, you look like shit.” she said. Confirming what my body had been telling me all day.

Today I woke up without feeling any better, but with an urge to work from home. So I did. I think I’m just really bad at being sick, it’s not exciting enough.

Later on I spoke to a friend. “Real strength is being able to admit to weakness” she said. Cheesy but true. So I finally let my mother convince me that I would be better off with her in Malmö. It didn’t cure me but at least it’s warm in this room. There will be chicken soup. And I’m attending an interesting conference tomorrow.

It’s being broadcasted online as well so I promise not to go there. I might even rest a little. I think I have to learn this skill.. Seriously, what do people do when they are sick?

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