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What a Weekend

This weekend we are saying goodbye to our friend Rubén who is leaving Copenhagen. It was also my first weekend off since a very long time so I really wanted to relax and have fun. I have been spending time with great people and the weather has been perfect so I consider my mission accomplished. Following are some details from Friday to Sunday. Adiós Rubén, you will be missed!

On Friday Avina crossed the bridge and after staff bar all happy people danced the night away. Saturday was spent in the sun with heaps of deer at Klampenborg Dyrehave and later in Habibi’s place where Rubén was an angel and cooked for us very tired people. Later we met up with more people and went dancing at Christiania’s 40th anniversary festival. Sunday was spent at Hotel Habibi where we were invited for bottle-chicken and shisha by the very courteous host. After dinner and some TV we all walked down to the beautiful Hotel Habibi gardens to enjoy the last moments of sudden summer. I biked home alone through Copenhagen listening to music and… *insert cheesy punchline* haha

Thank you for this beautiful weekend, everybody!


  1. Nice!!!! can you take me there some day…please???
    p.s: must add you were listening to Danza Kuduro at some moment on the way!
    BIG HUG!

  2. Rubén – thank YOU and see you around! :) Daneff mi Guapi, come visit me and I’ll take you there! Although I think Venezuela is nicer at this time of the year. :) Danza Kuduro came on twice and I was babbling about you both of the times so don’t worry – everybody knows ;) Much love!

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