India 2010 Photography

Diwali street show

In October 2010 I arrived to Pushkar in India, alone. There were not many foreigners as the season for tourists hadn’t really started yet so I was the only person staying in my hotel. Maybe also because Pushkar was a small town that many people I had met earlier wouldn’t stop in, ‘it’s too small and there’s nothing to do there.’ they said.
I went partly because of those comments. When travelling, I try to find the small places where I can be far from the tourist-packed attractions, temples and beautiful monuments and instead concentrate on people-watching and genuine realities.
When strolling around Pushkar by night, I accidently stepped into a backyard filled with kids sitting on a big carpet. It was the first day of Diwali, the festival of lights, and there was a little street show being put up for the neigbourhood. The children were thrilled by the show and I spent a wonderfully random night on a carpet, watching the story about the return of Lord Rama and taking pictures.


  1. These are fantastic photos that really capture the wonder and curiousity of the children! The fourth photo is my favourite.:)

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