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Trains and Thoughts

I have been in Poland some days now and it has been truly exhausting and heart breaking. I won’t go into detail on the tragedy that my family has faced and I don’t know for how long I will be needed here and stay around. I am thanking my psychology studies for helping me to cope in balance and rationality and most importantly, to help those around me.

I am incredibly thankful and proud of my friends for giving me clear minded and patient support simply by listening to my talking about everything and nothing. Even when situations are horrifying, my conviction is that hysteria doesn’t help anybody, while I strongly support thorough thought, calmness and constructiveness. I am looking forward to, while being a bit anxious about, the hours of thinking, complete emptiness and opportunity to actually focus on myself that the train ride back to the airport will give me when it’s time to go.

I love going by train in Poland, hanging out the window while both landscapes and thoughts pass by is more than wonderful. So even if this time probably will be very different and difficult, it will be more necessary than ever before.


  1. Draw on your strength because you have a lot, I remember it was one of the first things I noticed about you.
    All the people who care about you are thinking of you at this time, and I´m one of them.
    Sending you lots of love x x

  2. Jag är med dig med hela mitt hjärta vännen, det är imponerande vilken insats du gjort och jag är säker på att din familj uppskattar det. Jag glädjer mig till att få träffa dig snart i Malmö och umgås, du är alltid så intressant att prata med!

    Pussar från Jessica Szelag

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