Barcelona 2011 Photography

The world through a glass of Absinthe

With dusty chandeliers, ancient mirrors and absinthe served the traditional way, Bar Marsella takes you on a trip 200years back, to what you would think Paris looked like at that time. Believed to be Barcelona’s first bar, opened in 1820, it is a place to spend a night in with friends, slowly enjoying the very strong liquor and letting it take you into its green haze. Packed with students, tourists and locals, it gets very loud, and watching people acting funny is only one of the highlights of this place. Den and I spent our night in Marsella yesterday after our nightly picnic and shared a lot of laughs and stupid faces.

Today is a day for street art hunting as Barcelona is a city where everything closes on Sundays  Looking forward!

Bar Marsella is located at Carrer Sant Pau 65 in the Raval district of Barcelona, just below the rambla de Raval. Go visit!

Photo by: Den Q


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