Barcelona 2011 Live from Android

Choosing Urquinaona

Plaza Urquinaona, Barcelona. 2nd of March, 3am.

Tonight I celebrated that I am staying in Barcelona. Often in life one’s different goals, options and wishes interfere with each other and put one in a position where one is forced to choose between them. Why I love choices is because you always make the right one. Why I say that is because once you’ve made your choice you don’t know what the other options would have lead to, thus they don’t exist at the moment. Also, assuming that your options always are well thought over, there is no other person that could have made the choice better for you.

In some unique cases, however, choices and decisions are made for you without your direct approval or consent. When alternatives are taken away from you this way, your other alternatives need to be strong and attractive enough for you to feel that the right choice has been made, and that you agree with it.

In my case, the current options were exciting sudden change and new opportunities, again – or to actually breathe in and enjoy what I just started doing. The decision is that I am staying in the fantastic city of Barcelona, with the high ceilings in my room, the beautiful language, the wonderful people.. and all the upcoming music festivals – and frankly, even if I will continue looking for alternatives, I couldn’t be more relieved at the moment.

Adding on to that, tomorrow I start late – meaning that I can sleep until I wake up by my self, a detail that might seem of minor importance – but that today is priceless.

Goodnight! :)

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