Photography projects


This is little Michael at the El Shaddai Childrescue center in Assagao in Goa, India. October 2010.

I will miss Malmö a bit – but I’m really looking forward to living and doing my thing in Barcelona. And I’m taking my photos with me!

I’m at the last stage of this project, with most of the orders delivered, the only thing I’m waiting for now is the bill from the printing house so that I can pay and do that last transfer to Unicef and see what numbers the fundraising finally got to :) In a couple of days you will know – however, the account will not be closed so if you still want to contribute, send a text to 72 900 with KÄMPA KIDS from a Swedish mobile and you give 5€ to the children of the world! Or you can buy yourself a little something here. If you don’t live in Sweden and you would like to make simple a transfer with a Creditcard, you can do it here. Dhanyavaad!

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