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Cristo, my Bhaia

This is a very nice boy I met in Varanasi, India in October 2010. His name is Rahul Pandit but everybody knows him by his Italian name, Cristo. We met when I was walking around Varansi alone and he ended up showing me around the city for three days. We became very good friends and he said that I am his sister and he is my brother, my bhaia. I received an email from Cristo recently and the 22nd of December was apparently his birthday so I thought I would give him a little surprise and write about him on my blog to give people the possibility to find him if they are going to visit Varanasi.

Cristo took me to secret little temples and places I never would have found alone which was really nice, he also told me that if I heard of people going to Varansi I could give them his contact details and he would be glad to show them around. Cristo works as a guide on his own so he knows Varanasi very well, he speaks English and Italian and besides that he is a very good student and a very kind and caring person.

If you are going to Varanasi and you would like to get in touch with Cristo, you may send him an email at rahulpandit072(at) or just simply give him a call at his mobile, 9161561336. Say hi from Caroline from Sweden & Poland that was his sister in October and he will hopefully remember me :)

Happy birthday Cristo! :)

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