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Lovely planet

La Paz, 2008

‘Hey, you have the Lonely People!’
‘Sorry, the what?’
‘That book, it’s like the bible for people that travel alone. You just take it out of your bag and it instantly attracts other lonely people!’
‘Haha, I guess you’re right. I don’t like the hype around it but it’s still unbeatable when it comes to having all the timetables, information and good deals on hostels in one place. And sure, I do travel alone most of the times, however I couldn’t say I’m ever lonely when I travel!’
‘Touché! That’s true, let’s call it the lovely planet then, with lovely people!’
‘Cheesy enough, I like it! Haha, I’m Caroline, nice to meet you.’
‘I’m Dan, did you try the juices around the corner?’
‘Not yet, should I?’
‘Well, they are freshly squeezed by really nice old ladies and you get to choose just about any fruit you want.. they cost 30cents.. and they come in a plastic bag with a straw!’
‘Sounds perfect, are you joining?’
‘For Bolivian juice? Always!’
‘Great, let’s go!’


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