Live from Android studies

Thesis – about surviving the last week.

Uhm, don’t ask me if I have time to hang out this week..

I really enjoy and love this kind of stress.. it’s the last insanity before the end of this roller-coaster. The craziest ride, the best part.

However I realized I need to get rid of those three 8hour shifts at work. Really. They will destroy the whole flow of the study-mode and they might kill me. Like seriously, kill me. And my darling.

I sincerely hope my supervisor decides to come back from his vacation and take a look at my paper for the first time. I’m hoping for Monday, otherwise I don’t know what I will do.. I mean, what if he never answers? Can you submit a thesis without the approval of a supervisor that never had the time to read anything that you sent to him?

It’s been a tough cookie to write a masters alone without a professor and without any information, I really hope that the 23rd is the correct date, as nobody really knows. I have heard everything from this monday, to the 20th to “I really have no idea..” from the other students in my class.. The 23rd sounded most probable as it apparently was backed up by some note hanging on a door in the institution of Global Political Studies, everything else is just speculations. Nobody knows anything, as usual. Malmö University might be the biggest joke I have ever been a part of.

I have enough energy to stay up some more hours, but I need to work tomorrow.. eh, today. Gah.. Goodnight darlings.

Oh, and I love my Moleskine diary. It’s fantastic!

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