Live from Android studies

Don’t forget to mess around!


I’m at Josies empty place now that she’s in L.A. It’s so nice to have a place to study and be alone in. So, I’m hanging out here on my free Sunday, studying and preparing to work my way through her mindblowing collection of movies. Remember ‘Cool world’? Haha, that’s second on my list. First I will watch ‘The Eternal Sunshine of a spotless mind’. I have seen it before but it was years ago and all I remember is that I loved it..

Josies neigbours have a great and very entertaining taste in music, they have been listening to Nina Simone all morning and now they are listening to Louis Armstrong & his hot five – Don’t forget to mess around, so nice and happy!

I’m enjoying my various little pleasant distractions a lot, and all the street sounds and birds from outside make this day even nicer. Now I just need to actually make some studying happen and I will be a happy kid again! :)

At least for one day.. from tomorrow I’m working again, whole days, all week. Working is bad for my studies.. :(

Anywaaay, back to happy for now, back to books!! :D

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