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This day

I don’t know but I usually feel really bad this day. There’s something about the day before my birthday that always makes me feel lonely and tired and I don’t know what more..

Tomorrow is a school/study/work-all-day day, wohooo! :(

Wonder how many year’s I’ll be reminiscing about my birthday in 2008… there was sun, there were happy people singing, we were dancing, we stayed up until 7 and life was awesome. Hostel Clan, Buenos Aires Argentina.. You were the best! :D

Bex will be here anytime now, saving me from being alone when I pass to 24! Now that’s a friend. :)

Goodnight folks!

(found the picture om flickr, Ill give you the link to the photographer when Im on my computer, bye!)


  1. Well the solution is obviously to plan a trip where you cross the dateline on the day before your birthday (on the day before that day) and then you arrive on your birthday having missed the day before completely!! ;) Have a good one…

  2. I feel a bit sad on the day before my birthday too. I think it is because you are that day more aware that you are getting older and your mind is adapting to the fact that you will turn a year senior the day after. But the day of my birthday I am feeling fine because that day has already arrived and you have alredy turned a year senior and your mind is already set on that new reality.
    When I turned 24 I was living in London back in 2001 and I had recently visited Atlanta and New York in the USA in January of that year. I keep somewhere a photo of me and my two friends in a boat with the former World Trade Center in New York behind far away on the coast. 8 months later the 11th September 2001 the terrorist attacks on those buildings would make my picture much more valuable.
    Today I am working at the World Trade Center in Barcelona by the harbour and though It is an ideal spot for terrorists I feel safe because there are quite a lot policemen around.
    Happy birthday Caroline!

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