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Gaudi in the jungle

Give me sun! I said I wouldn’t go to the solarium, or whatever it’s called in english.. It doesn’t feel safe anymore. However, I didn’t expect to feel such a lack of d vitamin in my body as I now.. It’s been too long..!
I dreamt about being back in Peru and Ecuador and jungles.. I was stressed out for some reason and I got to a town named Spring Break that was just made of big mosaic Gaudi-style waterslides with peruvian people floating around the city in dark brown water.. and I had my camera, as in every dream recently, and a bunch of kids were trying to steal it. The town totally weirded me out.. and then grandpa came and picked me up, cause him and granny were also in Spring Break at the border between Peru, Brasil and Ecuador, what a coincidence.. haha wild imagination? I need to get moving now..
Take care out there!

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