It’s saturday night and I’m hanging out on YouTube & Facebook.. haha

I’ve looked through my clips from the Raphael Saadiq concert that we went to in Copenhagen last April, it was seriously the greatest concert I have ever been to! So personal, so close.. and Raphael and his band were so charismatic and happy and.. good! They came back in after the concert after the lights had been put out and just kept jamming with the audience and really enjoying it.. they really liked us! haha..

Musiq is playing in Copenhagen in February and I would like to go there.. I’ve already seen him live and it was good even though he didn’t even bring a band and he came hours late and played like 45minutes.. so, if the fact wouldn’t have been that Musiq is a musical genius and that the songs bring up the most nostalgic and euphoric memories.. it actually would have sucked.

I don’t know about going this time, I think I will even though my gadget buying, travelling wallet won’t like it.. but when I watch these clips from the Raphael Saadiq concert.. and think about how happy I was and how much fun I had.. I think I will have to. I can make it a birthday present for myself?

That, and a laptop and the weekend in Barcelona and april in Israel and some months in Central America and a new lens for my camera?.. haha

I love it when I’m happy like this, it’s good to be back. :)

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