Work all day.

Today I’m working all day. Jippie-kay-yay!

I want to buy stuff.. I need a really small notebook to carry around when I study/travel. And I need one of those DSLRs to take pictures when I study/travel. :P So, to accomplish the mission of not killing my savings account I decided to work work work. And then I can go for a spending-spree without having a bad conscience.

Really looking forward to Wawa and the hotel-gym and pool right now. And my new camera and computer. And summer!

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  1. This is regarding (I don’t know where to write the comment) something else but I like your CB logo. It makes your blog looking more professional. I have a web site myself and haven’t bothered yet to brand my own web site inserting my own logo to be displayed in the browser navigation bar. When at first saw CB I thought of Clickbank the n. 1 online digital retailer but NOPE …
    My fave colour is blue and to be honest I prefer your logo to the present one of Google’s which has a mixture of different colours: green, red, yellow, white …

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