Help needed: Secret wall?

Okay people, I have a problem.

When I was a kid, I read a really weird and quite specific book.. and now I have no clue what the title was.. I’ve been googling and searching but nada. Now, I don’t remember if it was by a swedish author or not, I know I read it in swedish, however, this is the story..

There was a guy.. i think, well, maybe a girl.. okay, a person.. or wait.. I’m pretty sure it was a girl. Who was in the woods for some reason in a small cottage. I don’t remember why or what she did there, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t her usual place to live. One morning, there was like an invisible glass wall where everything on the other side of the wall was kind of sleeping, there were cows laying on the ground and it looked as if time had stopped. She couldn’t break the wall to get to the other side and out of the forest and the cottage. So.. she was trapped in the world that was “awake”, completely alone.. and completely confused. Waiting for the wall to go away.. but it was there, day after day.. and then there was a dog for a while, I think.. and some other stuff, I don’t remember.. the woman had to learn how to survive alone, get food, make fire and manage to stay sane by reading books that somebody had left in the cottage and learn new things to let time pass.. And then.. That’s about how much I remember.. it was a strange book that I would really like to know the title of.. does anybody recognize this? Help me out!

And right.. I do tend to have very advanced dreams and remember them for much longer than I remember anything else, so if nobody knows what book I’m talking about.. it might just have been a dream. And then I’m writing it down :P haha

No but really.. it was a book. And it was fantastic. An insight into loneliness and the human mind.. I want to know the title!

Goodnight people!

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