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Procrastination deluxe?

I’m very creative when I’m supposed to be studying.. anyway, this is it:

I have started a little project, called which basically stands for Share Your Thing.. and is a tumblrblog where anybody can submit their every-day pictures, thoughts, quotes, videos and so on, from all over the world.

I thought it would be a fun idea to create this to see what kind of pictures random people from random places would post, and to put up stickers around the countries that me and my friends visit, that would make it an international web page to share every-day life with the world.

It’s easy to post either via the page, or by sending an email or mms to the email address shytme(at) The original thought was to print the email address on the stickers and just tell people to send anything to it.. wonder if that could work.

Thanks to the power of facebook the page is already alive.. it’s amazing how great facebook is when you have friends around the world that you don’t keep in touch with on a daily basis.. but still wouldn’t want to loose contact with.


I welcome you all to shyt on by clicking SHYT in the menu on the right.. feel free to spread the word.. or the shyt if you prefer to call it like that.. or, as Josie would say: “are you shytting me?!”

This is some kind of world experiment.. let’s do this together. :)

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  1. I am impressed by your idea though the Procrastinating word sounds already familiar to me because of you. Speally if Shit, sorry Shyt (everybody is making the same joke I know) gets around and becomes popular via word of mouth, forums, facebook and other web 2.0 technology such as RSS or so. A shame that they gave the Peace Nobel Prize to Barack Obama and not to you despite your studies in peace keeping, conflict resolution and so on …

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