The pictures..

..will be up very soon, I promise!

I have uploaded most of them to facebook, now I just need to fix the rest and make a flickr album.. be patient people.. it’s on it’s way.

Beside that, things are good.. I’m hanging out with friends, trying to spend as much time as possible with Lucky that seems to be fully recovered after the nightmare, enjoying the weather and my car.. and studying.

The course in International Peacekeeping has already started and I need to get my brains together and start working on it before it’s too late! So, that’s what’s up for now. Looking forward to be studying again and beside that I need a new part-time job. The one I have now totally messes up with paying me the right amount of money, and I’m really tired of stalking them with emails to make them pay me. Blah..

Anyways, that’s it for now. Take care out there!

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