So we spent two days in the beautiful capital of Bosnia & Hercegovina..

It was a really nice city with a strong oriental feeling and the mix of cultures made it one of the most diverse and interesting places we have visited..

We stayed at Hotel Hayat three minutes from Bascarsija which was great, their top floor has lower ceiling which makes the rooms really cheap. That gave us a really nice price in a perfect location.

We walked Sarajevo and had some kebab, then we accidently met one of Ollis friends when walking down the street and she invited us to a party later on in the evening.. we thought about going there and then to the Dara Bubamara concert.. right after eating some spinach burek and changing clothes.

What went wrong? We went back to the Hotel around seven in the evening to change and then we powernapped! haha.. and then we woke up at 3 in the morning, and got back to sleep. :)

Today we got up early and walked Sarajevo again, it’s not a big city at all so we walked all of it, got to the busstation, and went “home”. :)

So now we’re back in Crveni Grm with only two days left of this adventure..and I just got a big piece of goat cheese to bring back home!! yummmie!


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