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I’m back in Malmö.. feels good!

I’ve started to upload the pictures.. there’s quite a lot of them.. like 2500something.. haha

Tonight I’ll provide you with two facebook albums:


& Belgrade:

Enjoy, comment and wait for the rest. :)

The next one will be.. *drums* KOSOVA! Don’t miss it.

For those of you that don´t have me on facebook, I will upload the pictures to flickr soon.. not today.

And the trip? It was fantastic and better than I could have ever expected.. Olli proved to be a great travelling partner, photographer and language-teacher.. Ollis family was really fantastic and I am really happy to have met them.. the timing was perfect, the weather was great.. and our budget somewhat got under half of what we had expected to spend.. mostly thanks to the fact that we got hosted and got to stay in Ollis grandparents apartment in Makarska and didn’t spend a dime for a long time in CG.. plus some of those great deals on accommodation!

One month of travelling around, 8 countries, the greatest of foods, the best of experiences..?
600 euros each. All inclusive. !! Yay!
And don’t go “I spent half of that in India/Bolivia/Ethiopia” on me now, this is Europe.

Now I already miss the family in Crveni Grm.. the food.. the weather.. but mostly Olli.. this is the first time in over a month that we’re separated since he left for two hours to get us bustickets in Budva..

This is not okay! I miss you!

Laku noc

And right, I got them to stamp my passport in Copenhagen..! haha

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