Yesterday I watched the 3D stopmotion Coraline..

It was beautifully magical and colourful, and the music.. brilliant!!

If I wouldn’t have known who directed it I would have been completely convinced that this is yet another magical creation by Tim Burton with music by Danny Elfman.. I love them. But no, it’s a Henry Selick movie, the same guy that directed Tim Burtons The Nightmare Before Christmas and the music is by the french composer Bruno Coulais.

The triptic content of the movie made it fantastically interesting and exciting to watch, it was full of the crazy colourful fantasies many of us have had as kids but also worthy the title of a really, really dark nightmare. I wouldn’t show it to really young kids, but kids mostly love to get scared.. and this was just brilliant.. even if you’re an adult. one to watch is one of my childhood favourites All Dogs Go To Heaven.. wathed the beginning of it this morning and just went.. huh?

Just read what the wikipedia has written.. this is the beginning:

In 1939, New Orleans, Charlie B. Barkin,(voiced by Burt Reynolds), a rough-and-tumble German Shepherd mix with a con man’s charm, is working at a casino with his gangster Pit Bull business partner Carface Carruthers (voiced by Vic Tayback). Carface, unwilling to share the earnings, has Charlie locked away at the pound and runs the casino with an iron fist, but with the help of his best friend Itchy (voiced by Dom DeLuise), a nervous Dachshund, he breaks out. Unaware of Carface’s malicious intent, Charlie returns to him expecting open arms, but Carface wants to sever ties with him. To get Charlie out of the picture for good, Carface arranges his death. He takes Charlie out to Mardi Gras, gets him drunk and runs him down with a car, knocking him into the river.

Uhm.. okaay..? And in the video.. is the Alligator a drag-queen?

Whatever.. I loved it then.. will probably hit me how weird and completely unsuitable for kids it is.. but hey, just watch Alice in Wonderland or any childrens movie and you’ll find heaps of complexity and hidden messages that you never expected.

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