So we went from Prishtina to Skopje.

We found the best hostel ever named hostel hostel, it was a house with a really nice garden, free soup and real breakfeast. And we got a great deal on the price as well as I was being stubborn as always.. haha.. Nice!

We walked around Skopje and spent the night. The next morning we rebooked our tickets to Ohrid and took a bus to Shutka. Shutka is a kind of a suburb to Skopje where there are only gypsies. We walked around and took heaps of pictures, it was really interesting and all the paranoia about pickpocketing kids was just fake rumours as always.

Later we took the 4 hour bus to beautiful Ohrid. We kind of accidently found the greatest and cheapest apartment ever right next to the main square and the lake. 24euro/night. And the best streetfood three minutes away. Let’s do this budget-style!

Ohid is a really beautiful place, it’s filled with people, the water is clear, the weather is perfect.. things are good!

Too bad these computers are so slow.. I dont think I will be able to upload pictures before getting home.. I’m struggling with the “backup to USB”-part enough.. However, I can ensure you that you have great ones to look forward to!

So yeah, we’re probably staying here for three nights.. then we’re off to Albania!



  1. Ni verkar ha det ljuvligt.. jag sitter och lyssnar på Detektivbyrån och saknar Carolinka.

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