Paper: #Spanishrevolution – Social Media as a Tool for Social Movements

May – June 2011

Research paper for an Advanced Spanish course, completed on-site in Barcelona between January and June 2011. The original title of the paper is:

Las Redes Sociales: Nuevas Herramientas para la Movilización
#Spanishrevolution – el Movimiento 15-M y el uso de Internet

Which translates to:

The social networks: New tools for mass mobilization
#Spanishrevolution – the 15-M Movement and the use of Internet

The paper investigates the use of Social Media as a tool for mass mobilization, information spreading and solidarity in popular protest. The main focus of the paper was the very current protests in Spain called the Spanish Revolution or the 15-M Movement.

My direct contrubution to the movement through photography, writing and different platforms of social media, which later culminated in this paper, is used as a direct example throughout the paper. To read more about my observations from the Spanish Revolution you can find all blogposts tagged “15M” here. The photoalbum from the protests can be seen as a slideshow here.

For interested, the paper can be requested in full text (in Spanish) via the contact form.