think I’m actually starting to get this thing going.. wordpress is not as user-friendly as I expected it to be.. but I still like it.. and maybe, when I get back from my vacation – in august.. I’ll go all-in geekstyle, pay for a webhotel and make this thing work properly, as I want it to.  So far, you’ll have to deal with clicking on the pictures in “pictures” for the flickr slideshows to pop up, and follow the newest posts here on “news”. I think it’s time to get online again.

Let’s do this!

Ah and right, I’m supposed to study.. which is why I finally found some time to do this thing.

-Uhm, procrastination!
-What? Who called me?

now I have to go to sleep.. yup.


So I took up the homepage thing again.. let’s see how it goes this time. There probably wont be as much blogging as before, as I have started to understand the word personal integrity by now.. that, and paranoia. haha.. :P